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Ultimate Roofing is a roofing company that provides residential & commercial roofing services in Mine Hill (NJ), we have maintain and install new roof and re-roof many homes, Condos, Apartments buildings and Commercial buildings in Mine Hill New Jersey,
There are many roofing brands that some times home owners wonder what brand is the right roofing brand to go with, Our top choice brand is GAF Timberline asphalt shingles, Owens corning shingles, Certainteed shingles, Tamko shingles.
we provide roofing installation in Union County, Morris County NJ, Essex County NJ, Middlesex County NJ, Hunterdon County NJ.

Like anything in this world every roof needs maintenance, We recommend to inspect your roof every five years for residential and every three years for commercial roofing, One of the most common roof problems is the flashing around chimney, concrete walls and skylights, Most of the flashing failure is due to improper flashing installation,

Most of the roofing installed before 1990 don't have water and ice shield protection making the sheeting of your roof vulnerable to the weather and a big risk to create mold in your attic space, to prevent mold in your attic space we always recommend to install ridge vent system to allow air circulation throughout your attic.


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A good roofing installation in a commercial building will guaranty not only a piece of mind but also it will keep your property in very good condition for years to come, Every roofing on a commercial building is unique depending on what the building is for,

Our skilled roofers have the particular knowledge that every commercial roof needs whether is EPDM Roofing, Cold or torch roofing.

We have roofed many residential homes in NJ, Always using the best roofing materials available in the roofing industry, There are many kinds of roofing systems that can be install on residential homes, Whether your home needs a re-roof or complete roof installation, Call us we have the capabilities and the knowledge to do a properly roofing installation on your home.


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Because roofing is what we do , We are licensed, insured and stand behind our work , We are committed to do business with integrity, we offer the best roofing materials and by doing proper roofing installation, Our roofing company is found by doing business the right way we earn our money by working and doing a great job.

Residential asphalt roofing shingles installation, Cold roll roofing,Torch roll roofing,  Commercial EPDM  roofing,  residential roof repair, chimney flashing installation, Gutter and downspout installation, Fascia board installation, Roof plywood replacement,

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Include full roof inspection, Written estimate and contract, Roofing permit from local NJ building department, as your choice roofing contractors (NJ)

We will arrive at the day agreed, most of the roofing jobs will take one day and we always protect areas that may be affected by the roofing work in progress.